Rich and poor

Why are some countries well off while others are impoverished? Hanne examines whether Civilization 4 can help answer this question.


I was assigned the task to write about rich and poor and how this is something we find both in the game Civilization 4 and in the real world. I am going to submit to you how and why it is that some are rich and some are poor, both in the real world and in the game. The following will be a presentation of my thoughts on the subject based on my experiences with the game.

In the game Civilization 4 you start a new game with limited initial resources and your goal is to construct a civilization. While playing the game you will quickly realize that to have a successful civilization you are dependent on developing your infrastructure, bureaucracy and your technology. This is the very base of building a successful civilization and definitely something we can compare to how it is to build a successful nation in the…

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