Rich and Poor


Rich and poor in civilization can for instance be if you have a lot of technology and resources in your country. Say that you are the British Empire with a lot of technology and resources, which makes you a wealthy country in civilization, then you would like to cooperate with a rich country like the American empire, not a poor country like the Mongolian empire who often have few resources and very little technology. In the real world you can compare this to Norway who have a lot of resources and is a wealthy country. They want to cooperate with other countries with high degree of competence that can help to enhance the Norwegian economy and provide them with new knowledge to exploit their resources as much as possible. It is as they say, “Birds of a feather flock together”.

In civilization there is also slavery. Slavery is in a…

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One thought on “Rich and Poor

  1. Hey, I’m a teacher at an international school in Seoul, South Korea, and I just stumbled upon your Civ IV blog. You must have some awesome teachers because you’re likely to learn so much from this experience. “Gamifying” key concepts is the future of learning 🙂

    In regards to your post: do you find it tempting to attack civilizations who are “inferior” to yours technologically? What, if anything, stops you from always crushing them when you have the opportunity to do so?


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