How is war and peace in a game?

OMG Its Jakob™

War and peace, two words of complete opposite meaning. One leads to love and harmony the other leads to chaos and pain. They do not need any further explanation. However, how does Civilization IV explain processes in international relations when it comes to war and peace compared to the real world?

The first thing I noticed when playing the game, is that the world is divided into large civilizations covering huge parts of the earth. (In my case, there were three civilizations). When I played my first, and so far the only, ‘round’ of Civilization, things did not turn out that well. I managed to lead a somewhat successful civilization (depending on how you look at things) until the year 1660 when Peter, whom I first thought was my friend, backstabbed me and destroyed my poor civilization. This means that I’ve only played the game until I enter the year…

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