Reflections – Civilization IV in Class

When we first we’re introduced to the idea of playing video games in class, I must admit I was a bit sceptical. I haven’t really played any video games on the computer before and I wasn’t very fond of the idea of playing games in school, because I’m probably not the best player. However, I did think it would be interesting and even fun to play, that is if I actually could manage to understand the concept of the game and then again understand what I’m doing. I have played a couple of games on playstation and xbox like snowboarding games, buzz, and actually grand theft auto 5 and a little bit call of duty. However, The only games I’ve played on the computer is sims 3 and facebook games. I don’t think any of them have anything to do with civilization IV accept for maeby Sims 3, at least thats the closest I get.

I think games can be used as a learning tool you can learn a lot of different things from playing. From playing civilization IV, you can learn a lot about history and former leaders, how to build a society, how to start and end a war, differences etc.I think playing this video game can be a good way for people to learn these things, and by learning it by playing video games it be much more fun and interesting. By being an actual leader that have existed or still exist, you can learn a lot about about them and how they where or is. People can also get a bigger interest in history by playing this game.

I think you chose to use computer games in our lessons because it would be a new and interesting way to learn, in addition to having fun while learning something new. However I also think you guys like to play video games and when you found out you could use to learn us something, then you just had to take the opportunity to play some more.

My expectations for using Civilization IV in class  is that I would learn something new in a different way than normal. I expect to learn how to play the game and have fun by playing. I think I could learn a lot about history by playing this game.


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