Pre-game Reflections – Civilization IV

 We just started gaming Civilization IV, and I am really excited, and I am wondering how it will be.  Actually, I haven’t played any games at home, except some PlayStation games like Sing star and buzz, which I quite like. I don’t use my spare time to play any games at all, but I find it interesting and fun sometimes, when I’m with my friends. I have never tried this type of game, so I wonder how this will turn out to be. I think it will be interesting to learn something new, and to try out a new way to learn. I don’t have any experiences with a game like this, as I mentioned, but I hope it will be interesting.


I think you have chosen to use computer games in our lessons, because of experimenting new ways to learn. During this time, while gaming, we also will be writing some texts, which is also a good way to learn. I think it’s good that we don’t get grades on how good gamers we are, because then I would not be motivated to play at all. I find it kind of strange, that we are going to be playing in our classes, because it’s very different from what I am used to. I am used to presentations, reading and just other normal learning methods. But I will say, I’m excited to learn something new, and I hope this game will become fun after a while.


I my opinion, I think you can learn much by playing games at school, because students are more interested to learn more, and I think many people like the thought of playing on their own, but also with another student. But in some cases, I think that gaming in school can be challenging for some people, and maybe they lose their motivation. Games can be useful gaming tools, because, it’s very different, and in my opinion, Civilization IV seems like a game that we can learn from. I hope everyone will enjoy these four weeks, with playing Civilization IV, including me.

Written by Anne – 1STA


2 thoughts on “Pre-game Reflections – Civilization IV

  1. Hey Anne,

    Greetings from Australia,

    I think it’s great your teacher has chosen to use Civilization as a tool for learning about Social Sciences, I think without realising it you and your class will develop a better understanding of English too. Keep up the good work! Check out the civilopedia in the game, it has great writeups about the historical context for a wide range of different topics. One of the most important parts about the experience is just getting stuck right in and playing around with all the different options.

    Good luck!

  2. I agree with everything you wrote. This is such an amazing text and I love how you expressed yourself through out the whole text. I really hope you become a writer someday. 🙂

    Love from Norway

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