Boys Only?

Have you thought about why it’s always boys who play most video and computer games? When you talk to a boy on Facebook chat or on the phone, you almost always get the same answer, – Gaming FIFA…, or another video game. Why do you think boys play as much games as they do? And do girls play less games then boys?

One of the differences between boys’ and girls’ gaming habits is that the violent elements. The violence in the game mostly appeals to boys. Mostly girls don’t care about running around and shoot other human beings or blow up buildings. Some girls play the same games as boys, but essentially girls play other games. Research shows the girls like to build things and prefer strategic games. The SIMS is one of the games with big success for both boys and girls. In the game The SIMS you need to use your social skills and knowledge to make the people in the game successful and happy.

Boys can sit for hours and play games. The games boys play is often violent.  They run around in very real surroundings and kill other players. The point of the game is often to kill as many human beings as possible or blow up buildings and airplanes. Many of the games are multiplayer games where you can play with others all around the world, online. Games like Cod, WoW and other shooting games are prevalent for boys. Some ask if it’s healthy to play these games. More and more kids, teens and also adults get addicted to gaming. Boys are especially exposed for gaming addiction. More boys than girls get addicted to games. The reason for the addiction to gaming is often something totally different then the gaming it selves. Bullying, low self-confidence and grief can be reasons why kids, teens and adults want to escape from the real world and into the world of gaming.

There is different expectations form society for boys and girls. Boys are expected to be stronger, harder and handle more violent behavior than girls. Girls are expected to be calmer and not interested in violence and killing. I think the expectations in society in an important factor for the differences in boys and girls gaming habits.

Many girls like to play games and are very good! It’s not like girls don’t play games. They do! But it’s more common that we hear about boys who sit inside all day long and play games. I think girls play games for shorter periods.

Personally I don’t play a lot of games, but I like to play some times. I like to play FIFA for I en short period of time, but I get tired after a while. I also like to play games whit many, but short rounds. Then it’s easier to play when you have a bit of time left over. I don’t like to sit inside and play for many hours, but that’s my opinion.

I think the game we play at school in English, Norwegian and in Social science is a very good game for learning about communities and how to build an empire. We play the game Civilization 4. You have to start with choosing a person, worker, settler, military or others. Further in the game you have to make the right decisions to make your empire stronger and bigger. Every empire has some disadvantages. You have to consider what is tactically right for your city. The game is in English and that means that we have to read and understand the instructions in English. We can see connections between the conflicts in the game and the conflicts that are taking place in the international community today.

I like the idea of playing games in school. It’s different from the way we are used to learn and its fun! Blogging is also a fun way of writing. Blogging is used for many purposes. It’s not just a diary for girls who blog about their daily life, but scientists, politicians and explorers uses blogging to share information and opinions. I look forward to continue with this gamin project. And I hope games like Civilizations can be more used in school.


2 thoughts on “Boys Only?

  1. Wonder why most games made today are all these violent killing games? Maybe it´s because it´s mostly guys who make them. And do girls like sports games? The do like sports in real life… maybe someone should make a handball game…

  2. Great insight, and wonderful English! I guess, as a Boy that prefers non-violent games like Civ or Minecraft, I differ from the norm. Also, some of us truly do play games just because they are fun.

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