A new way of learning!

My expectations of playing this game are quite good. The amount of knowledge this game contains are pretty impressing. I can see why the teachers wanted us to play this at school. You will be learning several, different, exciting topics such as: Imperialism, geography, strategy, a bit of history, and how to build a well-organized, rock-solid civilization that will be capable to stand the supreme test of time.

Throughout this project, you will also learn how to act as a respected world-leader. You will have to balance your economy, expand your empire and create politely trade relations. I think the most educational side of the game is that you are starting in the ancient time as a fresh, new civilization that is under a constant development. As the games goes on, you will receive new awesome technologies like Bronze working, Pottery, and map making. If you play a little bit longer you will master the knowledge of plastics, nuclear weapons, and radio.

You will learn how incredible important these events were and in which era they were founded. You will gain some military strategy experience as-well, and once you get some kind of clue of your advantages and how your opponents army works, you will be an intelligent, strategic, emperor compared to napoleon Napoleon. In the game you will also meet a lot of well-recognized faces such as great, Old Persian leaders or respected English leaders. Throughout the game you will also have to be considering participation in several different issues.


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