“Ludere vel non ludere”

Good afternoon gamers, blog readers, intellectual and other over the average interesting people from all over the world! I am pleased that so many of you take the time to read my blog, and in return I promise I shall make it worth your while.

My class just started using the game Civilization IV as a learning tool. We are part of an experiment using Computer games as a learning tool. The game we are playing is a strategy game where the goal is to reach several different stages of development.

I do not have any extensive experience with either video games or this particular one. Of course I have some experience with the most common FPS games like COD or similar games its’ not sufficient to call myself an experienced player. I’ve never tried out the particular game we are going to play before, but I’m looking forward to see the results after the project.

Other than that I think it can develop to be a quite interesting and possibly useful learning tool, but I do believe that we will meet a few obstacles in the beginning before everyone has learned to use the game properly. It is obvious that the game has a lot of potential, especially in the subjects of English and Social studies.

One of the problems I predict will occur is that there won’t be any routine over it, and the game may easily float into simple entertainment, other than a useful learning tool. The students are all young, and many of us do not have to same sense of self control to be able to get any valuable academic outcomes out of this project.

I think you have chosen to use a computer game as a learning tool because you are willing to and interested in trying new ways of learning. It is already a tool that is widely integrated into our everyday lives, and this just makes it even more interesting to experiment with. I have to admit that I myself probably would have considered the opportunity to try out computer games as a learning tool if I were a teacher, especially on this highly updated digital one.

Erlend Søraas, Nordahl Grieg videregående skole, 16.10.2012


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