Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword

Hi gamers. My name is Lars Erik and I am going to blog a bit about the game Civilization IV Beyond the Sword. I have been playing this game for 2 days now, and have quite a bit to tell.

Previous Experience
My previous experience with gaming is quite a long story. I have been playing games since second grade, but only in short terms. Today, I only have one game I play on my spare time, and it is the extremely popular football game, FIFA13 on Playstation3. In my opinion there is no relation between FIFA13 and Civilization IV, so I would not say I got some sort of an advantage from my pervious gaming.

The game as a learning tool
I believe that Civilization itself might not be that useful, but the way I have understood the project, we are going to complete tasks outside the game like for example writing a blog assignment like this. We are actually talking about traditional education through gaming. Right now, I think It might be a motivating way to learn both English, Norwegian and Social studies, but when we use as much time as we are going to the next month I believe that the yield we are going to get is the most important.

Why computer game?
I think the reason why our teachers have chosen to use a computer game as a learning tool is because it would be the most modern type of education so far, something that is very important on this school. It is a leading and very exciting project, which have gotten a lot of attention all over Norway and therefor I believe Nordahl Grieg possibly felt it like their duty (as one of the most modern schools) to attend on this. I just hope the teachers have thought this through so we don’t lose valuable English lessons for nothing.


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