Revolutionized education

As a learning method we are going to play a game, Civilization VII: Beyond the Sword. It is a strategy game, and it is pretty advanced.

I have played this game before, but I gave up before it got any fun, because I had no idea what I was doing and it just did not seem that fun to me at the time.

I usually play games with more action, combos and speed,

like Final Fantasy and MMORPG’s and other game which are more simple.

And I’m not a very hardcore gamer, I play more games on the web-browser than the kind of games you buy and get on a disk or download.

I have also made simple games on my computer before, so I think games are pretty interesting and I like imagining someone designed a game and how they did something that looked cool.

But after playing this for a while at school I think I enjoy it more, especially since we are gaming at school, instead of doing the normal tasks.

I think it is a good way to make us think of “work” differently, and it gets much easier if you actually enjoy it and even want to do more than necessary.

That might be the reason why we are told to game in our lessons.

And it’s also cool to be one of the first classes to try this new method for education.

Plus, right now I find it easier writing about something that I really care about, instead of just writing on pure willpower.

On the other side, I think it could be distracting in other classes, when we are not supposed to play, but when it comes to computers, they can be pretty distracting anyway.

This is going to be a good project and I think it could very well be successful.


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