Rich and Poor


Rich and poor in civilization can for instance be if you have a lot of technology and resources in your country. Say that you are the British Empire with a lot of technology and resources, which makes you a wealthy country in civilization, then you would like to cooperate with a rich country like the American empire, not a poor country like the Mongolian empire who often have few resources and very little technology. In the real world you can compare this to Norway who have a lot of resources and is a wealthy country. They want to cooperate with other countries with high degree of competence that can help to enhance the Norwegian economy and provide them with new knowledge to exploit their resources as much as possible. It is as they say, “Birds of a feather flock together”.

In civilization there is also slavery. Slavery is in a…

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Interactions with other civilizations

Malin Hustvedt

I was assigned the task to find parallels between the game and the real world around the topic interactions between other civilizations, and find factors that influence the relationship between me and other leaders. I have stated several similar  factors, and one factor that is more discreet in the game than in the real world.

Several factors affect my relationship with other leaders in the game. Culture, religion, resources and the area I own, are some of them. The resources or geographic area I own, can lead to conflict or cooperation. This depends on the other counterpart’s culture, and so it is in the real world as well.

Religion is an important factor in conflicts of value. If a civilization has another religion than I have, it could convince me to convert. Conflicts of value may occur if I refuse to convert. A conflict of value occurs because of moral…

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How is war and peace in a game?

OMG Its Jakob™

War and peace, two words of complete opposite meaning. One leads to love and harmony the other leads to chaos and pain. They do not need any further explanation. However, how does Civilization IV explain processes in international relations when it comes to war and peace compared to the real world?

The first thing I noticed when playing the game, is that the world is divided into large civilizations covering huge parts of the earth. (In my case, there were three civilizations). When I played my first, and so far the only, ‘round’ of Civilization, things did not turn out that well. I managed to lead a somewhat successful civilization (depending on how you look at things) until the year 1660 when Peter, whom I first thought was my friend, backstabbed me and destroyed my poor civilization. This means that I’ve only played the game until I enter the year…

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It can be challenging to rule a country as a dictator, president or as prime Minister especially when you are suppose to create an empire. To expand and create an empire need to declare war on different nations. It might happen that we get in conflicts with other nations that can result in war. If we are attacked by another nation, we will try to break the opposition down. This is all included in the game Civilization IV were playing.

There are a lot of ways that leads to war, but every war start with a conflict. A conflict kan consist of a lot of things, but in most cases conflict is about theology, ideology and ethnic reasons. There is a lot of conflicts happening in the game (civilization IV) and on the planet where living on. Different conflict that might lead to a war is…

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Hi, in this post I am going to write a text about War and Peace in civ 4 and in the real world

When u start your game, you have to choose Witch Empire you want to be. This can be important later in the game. Every leader has his or her on characteristics, for example Gandhi who is philosophical and spiritual. This often means that he will try to avoid war and have religion.

When you start your world, you will spawn in and make your first town. After a couple turns, you will meet other civilisations and they will ask you about making open borders. Choose wisely because having open borders will allow traders military to cross your new ally´s borders. Making an alliance early in the game can be crucial. Because later in the game they can turn against you with their allies and go to war…

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Interactions with other civilizations

emilie roll

Throughout the history it has exist various interactions between different countries on earth. This has resulted in unique relationships. But how and why have these contacts progressed and changed through times? What has been the secret key to create and promote improved interactions between lands? In this text I am going to draw parallels to Civilization 4, while I explain processes and interactions among countries in the actual world.

After playing civilization a few times I discovered that you often encountered another nation. Furthermore I noticed that the same factors who plays an important role to ensure an honest and conscientious interaction with other leaders in the game, also plays an essential role in real life.

The Nordic cooperation is an example of positive and develops relationships with other countries in the realistic world. This relation hasn’t always been peaceful. The Scandinavian and northern countries in the world, has a…

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Rich and poor

Why are some countries well off while others are impoverished? Hanne examines whether Civilization 4 can help answer this question.


I was assigned the task to write about rich and poor and how this is something we find both in the game Civilization 4 and in the real world. I am going to submit to you how and why it is that some are rich and some are poor, both in the real world and in the game. The following will be a presentation of my thoughts on the subject based on my experiences with the game.

In the game Civilization 4 you start a new game with limited initial resources and your goal is to construct a civilization. While playing the game you will quickly realize that to have a successful civilization you are dependent on developing your infrastructure, bureaucracy and your technology. This is the very base of building a successful civilization and definitely something we can compare to how it is to build a successful nation in the…

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